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05-22-2012, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
I respectfully have to disagree with the setup you provided. With a couple very simple changes it could be made better and more efficient.

Skills required: Hazard Emitters-II, Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field III, Attack Patter Delta-I, Tactical Team I, Emergency Power to Weapons-I x2, Transfer Shield Strength-I and Emergency Power to Shields-III x2:

How to roll powers:
@ 00 seconds: EPTS-III, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 15 seconds: EPTW-I, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 30 Seconds: EPTS-III, TT-I, APtSIF
@ 45 Seconds: EPTW-I, TT-I, APtSIF

Use APD if a shield facing falls for added resistance.
Use TTS-I and HE-II as needed. I usually use HE-II to clean hazards off of me like radiation or warp plasma.

In the event that you are sub-nuked by Sci- Use Evasive Maneuvers to put distance between you and your assailant. If you are really smart, immediately after being sub-nuked you will have at least TSS-I available and Brace for impact. Just remember, Brace for impact is a kinetic damage resistance only buff.
With a build like this, can I assume that your two lt engy slots would be rsp1 x2 then? Also, if your running TT's every 15, do you mean you have 2x TT1's or a TT doff to get the cd's down to 15secs? This seems like a really good team build. I may have to try it when I get the dkora myself