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Hi folks!,

Last night I did something I've been meaning to do for a while and setup a fan site called STO Tracker at

About the site (quick summary):
  • It's a site where you can post suggestions, requests, bug reports, ask questions and (the interesting bit) vote on stuff and view and sort lists by interesting criteria.
  • It's not "finished" yet, as there are features it still needs (like more voting options) and the theme needs polish - work which I hope to have done by the second week in June.
  • If you'd like to help by posting your comments and ideas on the site that would be awesome, as it will help me work out what's missing and what does and doesn't work.


PS: Please feel free to flame me below and tell me why I'm stupid and my idea sucks - or what it would need to make it more useful. If something doesn't work, I'd really appreciate you letting me know!

PPS: Hai to forum regulars!

If you've ever posted one of the lists of "known issues", "feature requests" or "lists of things people have asked for in Starbases" (etc) it would be awesome if you were to post them on the site. Ideally if you could break them up and then link them together using the "Related Issues" options or similar - though the site will suggest similar issues when you're viewing one.

If you don't have time to do something that but would be happy if I was do that with your content (properly attributed!) then if you could give me permission to do that I'd happily split up lists of feature requests/bugs/wish lists/etc so people can vote and rank them accordingly. I ask as there are some great lists out there already and seems silly not to start with them