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Originally Posted by Dracyl View Post
In PVE, I keep seeing "bigger" enemy power levels fluctuate, but I am not able to keep an individual ship "gasping" for power.

Can someone share their wisdom with me on the weaknesses of this build, on the point of energy draining?

Thank you in advance,

Firstly, are you trying to focus on power draining (e.g. getting all subsystems down as far as you can), or shield draining?

If the first, by far the easiest methods available are Klingon side - The Aceton Assimilator Universal console can drain a Cube dry by itself. The Plasmonic Leech Console is a nice addition that both drains your enemies power (region of 15-20 from each subsystem) and adds it to you.

If you're dead set on staying Federation, I would look into the new Caitian Carrier - running one of those with one or two sets of Advanced Siphon Drones will drain virtually any PVE ship if not completely dry then very nearly dry. Any BOFF abilities, or weapons, dedicated to draining would be largely superfluous... so you could probably just take a single copy of Tyken's Rift to speed things up a bit and then go for full-on damage output with all your other abilities.

If you're dead set on not only staying Federation, but staying away from the Carrier, then I'd look into Tyken's Rift III and Energy Siphon III, and raising your Flow Capacitor's skill as much as possible via Captain Skillpoints, Consoles, and Deflector bonuses.

I find it hard to recommend Polaron weapons, but if you really want to squeeze every possible bit of draining potential out of your ship, it might also be worth looking into Phased Polaron Beams - as at least they aren't limited to only the Polaron Proc.

Regarding Equipment: As previously recommended - The Omega Force 2-set Proc helps with Shield Draining, but won't assist with Power Subsystem Draining. The MACO 2-set Proc won't directly help Power Subsystem Draining, but will allow your BOFF abilities to recharge 5% faster, which means you'll be able to use abilities (including ones that drain power) more regularly. Finally, the Jem'Hadar set's Deflector has a very nice Flow Capacitors bonus on it, and that set's 2-set Proc will also increase your Polaron Damage. (As ever though, I'd highly recommend going for the Borg Console and either the Borg Engines or Borg Deflector for the Borg 2-set Proc. You lose very little by doing so, and gain a lot of survivability.)