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Originally Posted by Darthconnor View Post
Actually I didn't say anything about moving powers off of Aux, I infact only asked why they were on what is by definition a backup power system instead of a main system. A poster above said it best

Think of it this way. Every time I activate my gravity well, it puts such a huge strain on my ship's power output that I need to use auxiliary systems just to avoid the rest of my ship shutting down in the middle of combat.

So lets try not to put words in my mouth so to say. That seems like the best explanation of why they are Aux instead of the other three. Though yea honestly it still doesnt make perfect sense to me and I think it is one of the main reasons Science vessels have more of a hard time making good templates for their ships compared to escorts and cruisers. Though it was just a question as to why it was set up that way not a request for changes to said system or science ships. I only pointed out what I thought was weird and caused an inbalance between the three ship types based on what power types are important, cruisers and escorts only really need to choose between the first three in most cases while Science ships have to choose between 4 every time.

I also pointed out that it will probably never change..Which is realistic since the devs have alot of stuff they say they are working on.
The problem you are having is in your concept of what an "Auxiliary" system is. You keep saying that Aux is, "by definition," a backup system. That is not entirely true. Yes, one of the meanings of Auxiliary is "backup" or "reserve," but that is not the only connotation of the word. The word also carries the meaning of "additional" and "supplementary." Life support and other non-weapon, non-engine, and non-shield systems would be "auxiliary" systems, but they would not be "backup" or "reserve" systems.

In other words, if you think of Auxiliary in terms of "miscellaneous systems" instead of "backup systems," it helps bring Cusashorn's comment even more in line. If you use weapons power to do these science functions, you pull power from your weapons, making them do less damage. If you pull it from your shields systems, your shields can provide less protection. If you pull it from your engines, you slow the ship down and make it less maneuverable. These are things you don't want to do in the heat of the battle. Thus, rather than taxing critical basic systems for these functions, they pull power from, say, the life support systems by shutting down or lowering the power to Cargo Bay #3, which is not in use at the moment. While in the midst of a battle, people should not really be dancing with green Orion slave girls in some Holodeck fantasy, so, boom, power from the holodeck systems go to making that Gravity Well, and so on. Thus, rather than weakening critical systems in the middle of a battle, they draw power from the supplemental, additional, and, yes, even the backup systems of the ship.

It is a perfectly legitimate concept.