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05-22-2012, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by Iceash View Post
Hi guy's just wondering if the odyssey ships are viable playing as a tact officer, or are they best with engineer?

I'm currently using the MVAE but finding that while i'm doing some nice dmg i am getting hammered in some space missions stf's etc and finding that even with several shield heals i'm not lasting long when the cubes/ grouped sphere's notice me.

If not the odyssey then any other suggestions for ships would be appreciated.
It sounds to me that you do not really need a new ship but a new concept on how to play your Escort. In my opinion, it sounds like to me at least, that you need to work on a bit more of hit and run tactics or as I call it: Alpha in and Omega out!

Escorts simply do not have the staying power of a Cruiser and cruisers simply do not have the spike damage potential of Escorts.

So if you like you current ship, you should learn the brilliance of the Alpha Attack run and Omega withdraw.

Basically, you move toward your target who should have first been engaged by a Cruiser to draw attention away from you. Then, at about 5km you buff all of your attacks and let that sphere have it. You will be moving the entire time! So time your attack to start and finish just as you nearly ram your target. Next, you will about face use APO as needed due to Borg Tractor Beams, use this with an Evasive maneuvers to swing out of range, looping back to do another attack run.

You will survive a whole lot more this way and… and… if you have a friend who is an escort; coordinate that Alpha in and Omega Out attack run to do it together. The two of you should in a single run be able to destroy an Elite Spheres in that 5km span. If not, something is wrong with your builds!

Anyway, that is just my opinion, one of I’m sure many.