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05-22-2012, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by meisterbabylon View Post
Ah, thank you! I finally have something proper to slot into the Sci Lt slot that capitalizes on my generators.

TBR and TB have a shared 15s cooldown... You cannot use them together when on your own.

I'd agree that when 2 sci ships combo this could be an outcome. However, that means a 1-shot for all STF mobs, and you know Cryptic would never allow that.
Actually, a Repulsor + Tractor Beam combo would be virtually useless in achieving this. The push of the Repulsor would be negated by the pull of the tractor if the ships are on the same side. (The same problem a single ship would have if it were not for the cooldown issue.) If the ships were, say, at a right angle, you would simply change the direction of the push. Even worse, if they were on opposite sides, the push + the pull would combine to shove the targeted ship through the one doing the tractor.

To achieve the destruction of a ship using these powers, you would need ships on opposite sides of the target doing the same power. Two tractors would pull it apart. Two repulsors would crush it. That is, if those powers worked that way.