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05-22-2012, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
Actually no, I am not using RSP because frankly I’m being selfish enough running two copies of EPTS-III. In the two available lieutenant engineering slots I am currently using Auxiliary power to inertial dampeners-I for situational purposes and extend shields-I for team value added for having this ability. Trust me, no escort will every complain that you used it on them.

Yes, it is specifically a Team build. Yes, I’m using two Conn Officers to reduce the recharge time on tactical team down to 15 seconds. In fact, mine is down to 14 second! This way, I only need a single copy of it. I then use the duty officer that PROC’s +15 to all subsystem power on use of emergency power to subsystem abilities. I use two of them. My final duty officer that I use is another Conn officer that reduces the recharge time of evasive maneuvers. I use that ability often.

Note: If you however do find yourself not wanting to use Extend Shields I, swap it out for RSP-I. I’d leave the Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampeners however because it has its uses.
K, so what about a lt tac ability?

If I got this right:

EptW1, Aux2Damp1, EptS3, Aux2Sif
EptW1, Rsp1 (or extend), EptS3
TT1, ???

And just constantly rotate the emergency powers and the aux2sif on myself every 15 secs and use the tss and HE on myself when the **** hits the fan? Seems like having the rsp is a better bet than the extend in case I get SNB'd since I dont have a ST to clear it, doesnt it?