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05-22-2012, 05:04 PM
I am a tactical officer and the odyssey doen't have the raw firepower of my escort(I have both and still my Odyssey). The secret with escort is to keeep moving full trottle, specially when attacking cube or sphere. Defence rating go up as you move faster. So you have to specialize or learn hit and run tactic. Usually I need 2 to 3 pass on sphere and when doing cube get on top (no torpedoes) and use tactical team I and every others shield and heal buff you have and I rarely have to break of on normal cube and, depending if I do the most damege which get me agro on the cube, (it happen often when playing with lower dps players). On tactical cube samething but I almost always break off at lest once to heal and recharge shield.

Others tricks, use prepare for impact with dof shield distribution office rare and purple if possible (in your space slot of your dof), green at the very lest, when you gets damage it get a good chance of regenerating your shield. I found that Maco shield are best for me with omega deflector and engines. 2 neutronium armor give me the extra resistance to survive if I get into trouble. Mostly I found as you're moving an weaving a lot you get hit less often.

On a final notes keep 2 TT I and don't use any team at all in your science and engineering bridge officer, they share cooldown with TT I. I use them constantly and they are you best friend, combine to EPtS, RSP, hazard emitters and transfert shield streng. I rarely break of because I need to heal and just love blowing borg up. Bye the wey I have the Tactical escort retrofit and I rarely use the cloak except for Donatra in Khitomer space where I like to get under 2 km behind her uncloak and just open up on her with every buff I have (cannon are most effective under 2 km) and stay behind at all cost. It also help to stay alive when you have big friend with extend shield and such ;-) don't have to brake off then

Keep your escort and keep moving you'll die less, also weave about escort are crazy maneuverable use it to make yourself a hard target to hit