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# 2 Notification Bar option broken
05-22-2012, 05:57 PM
I dont know what happened to my post, it wasnt moved and it couldnt have been deleted since I wasnt messaged about it being deleted.

But I am concerned about this why is it that I turn off the scrolling text notification option under options but yet I still have scrolling text notifications coming up? Hovering over this option under options it says it kills the scrolling text even the lock box ship notifications. I turn this off and its still showing up.

So my question is why is it not working? I mean surely the devs wouldnt let something like this stay broken considering it makes the game very hard to play in STF`s when you have a wall of text blocking your whole screen cause everyone passed on the stupid lock box that no one wanted.

I moved the notification bar to the bottom right of my screen as a temporary fix but its still interfering with my game play by blocking the view on my starship actions.

So I stress my question a third time, why is this option to turn this feature off not working? Why even waste space by having the option to be turned off if it doesnt even do anything?