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05-22-2012, 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
IMO rolling should pop up as a chat-level item akin to local, combat, zone, etc. so you can put it in a tab or whatever. Notifications should be reserved for the things that pop-up when you're traveling across sectors, friends logging in and out, fleet messages, and the like.
I didnt see anything about notifications, I have just about everything turned off and I still get these wall of texts during STF`s that makes the game almost unplayable since you cant see whats going on especially if your in the middle of a battle.

Under basic options I have the following turned off currently

Enable Gameplay Announcement Flybys
Enable Rumble
Invert Camera axes per control scheme
invert camera x
invert camera y
disable bulletins auto-popup
disable mission auto-hail
enable auto loot

Under the HUD section I have the following turned off

Show Miscellaneous Damage Folaters
Hide Tray Tooltips

Despite having all these options turned off I still get notifications even though the first one I listed under basic when you hover over it, says that it disable fly by notifications including the lockbox starship awards. Ive gotten four of those since I turned that to off. I even switched it on to off multiple times and restarted the game trying and still cant get it to work.

It just sucks when your playing a STF and it comes up with loot like a drop box and everyone passes on it and you instantly got a wall of text saying who passed on said item. I could careless about that especially considering it hinders my view.