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05-22-2012, 10:35 PM
It's an escort, you say your familiar with them and yet you need to know what weapons to use and how to layout your weapons and BOFFs?

Tac - Single Target
TT1 > CRF1 > APO1 > APO3
TT1 > CRF1
BO1 or THY1

Tac - Multi Target, use CSV and BFAW or TS1

Tac - Combination, Change one CRF to CSV

I like two Copies of APO, if you prefer APB2 instead of APO1 use it.

3 DHC's and a DBB or Torpedo or another DHC. 3 Turrets in the back. Or 2 Turrets and a Beam Array if your using BO1

If you use four DHC's don't equip a 3rd Tac BOFF, nothing will work there. DHC and DC are interchangable use what ever combo you prefer.

Generally all Escorts need a variation on this.
3 DHC's, 1 Extra fore weapon, 3 Turrets.

TT1 x2 CRF/CSV1 x2, APO at least 1.