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05-22-2012, 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by lafiat
Ok, I would suggest this, at the launcher, find and click the 'options' tab. Next, tick "disable on-demand patching." You will start downloading about 4gb more (making the full 10gb the game requires).

You obviously can run this as I know pavillion stuff is capable and chrome has no input on gaming. Your firewall may not be an issue but the antivirus could be, though if you use AVG or AVAST well, I have never had issues with them.

Still, try the launcher fix first and post if it helped.
Uh that is not an option. Just did as suggested. I might be able to play it in two or three days after it DL 5 gigs to patch. So don't suggest anyone else do this unless they have a 50mb connection or better.