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05-23-2012, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by milner62
I didnt see anything about notifications, I have just about everything turned off and I still get these wall of texts during STF`s that makes the game almost unplayable since you cant see whats going on especially if your in the middle of a battle.
I must not have been clear, as that's what I am talking about. There are too many things that are considered "notifications" that really should just appear in the chat box in some format, like mission dialogue and system messages do (if you haven't turned them off). The notifications should be limited to things like doff missions completing, sector changes, friends logging on and off, and the like and should NOT include rolls for loot, doff mission rewards [as that's already visible in both the doff interface and the chat area], and the like to cut down on how much gets printed on the screen at any one time.