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05-23-2012, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
Dude do you really pay attention to the game? Listen to yourself, you sound like you just recently started this game. Just because you can get same engine and same shields and weapons don't mean they have same performance. A cruiser can't turn quick just because it has same engine as an escort, and it can not fly fast as an escort The Dreadnaughts can't hold a long volly of fire just becasue it has equiped same heavy cannons as the escort.

Quit trying to twis my words. I said the shields are strong enough for it to survive to get away or destroy first.

I don't need another LT Power. I need an slot added to my LT Tac BOFF so I can have LTC Tac BOFF. Other people may want the slot for somthing else.

Balance of the game was ruined when they decided that the ship carrying the heaviest weapons can fly the fastest, also when decided that Klingons should have better ship accessories than Feds.
I'm not trying to twist your words, I thought the complaint was Escorts using overpowered engines that made them faster than Cruisers not Escorts could turn better Cruisers.

But Escorts and Cruisers with the Same power levels to the Same engine will travel at the same speed. The Escort will always turn better as part of being an Escort but the speeds are equal.

Here's the thing, the same weapons either on an escort or a cruiser will have the same output with the same power level. The thing that makes the DHC's on an Escort deadly is the various abilities the BOFFs use.