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05-23-2012, 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by Iceash View Post
Thx for taking the time to reply guy's and in such detail, i suppose it was mostly due to me getting so frustrated yesterday in infected elite stf, the amount off nanite sphere's/ sphere's i had on me at any given time was nut's, i would start hit and run but with the amount i would have to slow to just increase my dps output but was dying so much, their was another player at the same spot near the gate but i would die respawn only to find that the other player had just tickled the sphere's, so i was having to rinse repeat to try and save the optional section off the stf.

It just got to the point where i was considering whether a tact officer could be viable in an odyssey. i.e more suvivability without losing a huge amount off dps.
Sounds like you had a terrible team, no ship can compensate for that.