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# 1 P2W clean bill of health
05-23-2012, 05:37 AM
All this P2W whining is starting to get to me... and this is why:

P2W is bad, because it allows players with lots of RL money to be stronger. right?
P2W stuff is bought with c-points. right?
C-points can be bought with Dilithium, wich can be grinded by playing. right?

So then what's the problem? You can get the stuff without spending a $. Sure, those that want to spend $ gets it a little faster, but as long as it's not a new, even more OP, item every week, it doesn't really matter. The current c-store stuff has been there long enough to be grinded through Dilithium long ago.

And yes, those c-points were paid for by someone. Someone who could afford to pay cash for Dili. And so what? Cryptic makes their profit, and the equipment is available to everyone. This is not unfair.

(On a seperate note: Some of those c-store things are OP, and some are just annoying, but they are NOT P2W. Stupid, inbalanced and cheesy, but not pay2win)