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05-23-2012, 05:10 AM
You still can buy an advantage by spending C-Points. After all, you don't have to grind for them (well, depending on your work, it may feel like you do, but...). Or you grind in game as well as spending C-Points, giving you an advantage over someone that can only grind.

Of course, one of the things that annoys me most about the P2W consoles is that they are badly designed. They break the existing design paradigm on powers and consoles significantly, and so it's no surprise they break balance. That some are also mechanically so poor thought out that they would even be OP if they were BO powers is its own problem.

But imagine if these consoles would work entirely like normal consoles (giving some kind of passive buff), and owning them also allowed you to train a Bridge Officer in a new skill. Suddenly the entire problem of an extra power is eliminated. You sacrifice one BO power for a new special power. T he in-built opportinity cost for powers is maintained (You need a BO slot for them). And the powers could also be balanced directly against other BO powers, which for many would probably mean improved cooldown rates. If the Vent console gave you a variant Eject Warp Plasma, it could have the same cooldown instead of that 2-3 minute cooldown it has now, for example.

It gets a little more complicated with passive benefits - or maybe not, since those may not need to be BO powers in the firs tplaces - passives fit exactly in the console paradigm already.

What the Cryptic development team is missing IMO is a clear vision of their system and how it all fits together. Maybe something like that is not to be had if some bean counter tells you "we need our first +1 ship in the C-Store in a month from now, get on with it". [/Rant]

Originally Posted by mancom
Do you really want the good fleets to start using AMS/GravPulse/... en masse?
Yes, I want that to happen. Absolutely. Gozer is looking into PvP. We should stop holding back and get ugly. I want the New PvP to be a PvP where no one has to hold back with some abilities because they are blatantly unfair, broken or unfun if used by competent players. I want to have a game system where "everything goes".
Get out your Tractor Beam Pets, AMS, Grav Pulses and Plasma Vents or what else and use them.

Take that with a grain of salt though: I am not PvPing much right now, so I won't be hurt in any way. DOFFs and Elite STFs is it, and probably will be until I get two toons with Mark XI Sets at least.

But if you're worried that you kill off all PvP interest - there isn't much left in the current system anyway, as Gozer stated. So if you make things a little worse just to show off how bad things really are mechanically, and have a hope to get it fixed, then this is your chance. Don't let the devs say "Oh, it's not so bad, the people aren't using this stuff anyway, so it's probably fine".