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Greetings folks,

I am Rock (Short for Rockairee), Fleet Admiral and First Officer to James Lee of PriorityOne in the SSOG branch. One of my most enjoyable duties is making sure our banks are full and our members are flying with the best gear we can get.
As one of the fleet crafters, I also help in that department. I am an over 800 day STO veteran and have always enjoyed the game and shows.
I am also an avid Foundry Author with several successful missions published. I am also involved with the website as a mission reviewer and guest host on a few podcasts occassionally. My handle for Foundry missions is Duke-of-Rock. To most of my Foundry community friends, I am known as the Duke. As it stands so far, as large as our fleet is, I am really the only active Foundry Author.
As we are actively recruiting, I'd like to offer invitations to any New or experienced Foundry authors out there as well as general players. If you are looking for a fun fleet, this is the one for you. If you are into the Foundry, I am always willing to help with tips or directions to great tutorials to begin the experience.

Join us today. Email me at Rockairee@Duke-of-Rock or one of the other email addresses listed by my fellow fleetmates above. We'd love to have you, and we want some more Foundry Authors as well.

Have a great day and Happy Hunting.