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05-23-2012, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by fallout23 View Post
K, so what about a lt tac ability?

If I got this right:

EptW1, Aux2Damp1, EptS3, Aux2Sif
EptW1, Rsp1 (or extend), EptS3
TT1, ???

And just constantly rotate the emergency powers and the aux2sif on myself every 15 secs and use the tss and HE on myself when the **** hits the fan? Seems like having the rsp is a better bet than the extend in case I get SNB'd since I dont have a ST to clear it, doesnt it?
In the Lieutenant Tactical Station I’m using Attack Pattern Delta. I say so above. RSP is good if you plan to solo your enemy. However, in team play, which is what my build is for, I would highly recommend using Extend shields. Also, you need to rotate TT-I, EPT___ and Aux-SIF every 15 seconds when you are the focus of attack. Otherwise, send your TT-I and Aux-SIF-III to an ally who is being attacked. Make sure to close range and also provide an Extend Shields!!! Otherwise, always be rotating your Emergency Power to Subsystem abilities between weapons and Shields so that both Weapons and Shields always have power.

When the focus of enemy fire, it is very important that tactical team stays up as often as you can use it. Especially against the Borg! Tactical Team removes Borg Assimilation parties that disrupt your systems.

That is why this build excludes Science Team, because having tactical team up often is more important. Furthermore, I actually used skill points on passive resistances and rely on my team mates flying science to give me a Science Team when I need one.

My weapon setups is 3 Beams Fore and 1 Torpedo and 3 Beams aft and 1 torpedo.