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05-23-2012, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
I'm not trying to twist your words, I thought the complaint was Escorts using overpowered engines that made them faster than Cruisers not Escorts could turn better Cruisers.

But Escorts and Cruisers with the Same power levels to the Same engine will travel at the same speed. The Escort will always turn better as part of being an Escort but the speeds are equal.

Here's the thing, the same weapons either on an escort or a cruiser will have the same output with the same power level. The thing that makes the DHC's on an Escort deadly is the various abilities the BOFFs use.
The ships default ability is totally deffirent you can see the difference when you go to shipyard and trade ships in your inventory.

I'm seeing escorts outrunning torpedos and laser targeting, not just for a little bit but for the duration of a battle. They can fly in tight circles and fly in reverse faster than my cruiser can go forward. There is no other type of ship doing that.