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05-23-2012, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
Do you really want the good fleets to start using AMS/GravPulse/... en masse?
Well, since I am plying exclusively P-U-G, it wouldn't matter. It may even make the horrible 0-15 against premades last shorter...

As for all the "less than good" premades out there, they already are using these consoles.

but I guess my biggest grief, is that I have a lot of these consoles, and they havent cost me a single $... They are my payment for months and years of grinding. And I'm afraid to use them, because people will accuse me of winning by $$$ rather than skill (EDIT: IF I should be so lucky as to win, that is) How can I be paying to win without spending any money?

Like if it's not bad enough that cryptic took my mountain of emblems etc and made it into a pile of useless dilithium... that I exchanged for a handfull of c-points... but what I bought for those c-points I can't use, except against PvE, where it's not needed anyway :p

And yes, if people are using them, and a Gozer incognito queues up for a match, he MAY see the error of their ways.