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This is something the DEVs should pay attention to.

1) A gas that kills the crew? Really? Who thought of that one? They must not know "jack" about space. In space you are in an airtight ship, how could you die from a gas outside your ship?

2) Escorts outruning torpedos? How can a ship at impulse outrun a weapon moving at low warp? Why are escorts able to fly in reverse faster than some ships moving forward. I didn't see forward facing impulse engine in the ship scimatics.

3) Why is the smallest ships flying with the heaviest weapons, yet flying like a fighter craft as if the are carring nothing? In real life, Bombers and spector guships carry the heaviest weapons of the sky and the are not that fast and manuverable as fighters. How many fighter jets you know carry 105 Howitzers or Nuke cruise missiles? In the sea, the Destroyers and Frigates don't carry the largest guns or biggest missiles. They are made for speed but they give up armor and weaponry to do so. They are made to protect the larger slow carriers that don't carry heavy guns or major missles. In this game, what is the purpose of the escort? Is it to destroy everything and get away with it? Is to be totally untouchable in right players hands?

4) Fighter that have hit point like ship? Why are the Advance versions of fighters that Klingons have now that are as tough as Birds of Prey? Its bad enough that fighters take your attention away from the player but do they have to be as tough as the player?

5) A Klingon teleporting spotainiously around in diffentent sides of an opponent? That doesn't sound like Human or Klingon technology. I don't think thats how transwayp is supposed to work. You have to time travel like a Q to instantaniously move all over tha map or around a person different times.