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05-23-2012, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
I must not have been clear, as that's what I am talking about. There are too many things that are considered "notifications" that really should just appear in the chat box in some format, like mission dialogue and system messages do (if you haven't turned them off). The notifications should be limited to things like doff missions completing, sector changes, friends logging on and off, and the like and should NOT include rolls for loot, doff mission rewards [as that's already visible in both the doff interface and the chat area], and the like to cut down on how much gets printed on the screen at any one time.
Ah I understand. I could see it being limited to just those things. But its like doesnt even follow any logical course of action.

I guess for the next update they will remove the tool tip about the flyby text disable feature as not stopping the dropbox ship winnings instead of fixing it.

In any case I just hope the devs can fix it, I dont need to see a wall of text saying "so and so passed on lock box" "so and so passed on lock box" "so and so passed on lock box" "so and so passed on lock box" "so and so passed on lock box". Doing that five times taking up the play screen is excessive. Even if it wasnt possible to turn off the sector change or even the drop box starships it would be nice if we could at least turn being notifed of what other players did if they did "Need" "greed" "pass".