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05-23-2012, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by sjalkarja
i read / understand that it is necessary for some combat areas to be spacious and enormously large. if they were true to scale - they d simply not offer the room to fight and / or cause pathing problems i guess.

what i wonder is - ... is there a reason the BRIDGES of our ships are also waay too large? - they are no combat areas ... and they simply "feel" wrong.

i am not a trekkie or have watched many of the shows - but the ones i watched displayed even the galaxy bridge to be much smaller than the ones we have ingame. - defiant bridge with its hologram com system was even smaller - which fit the ship purpose.

when i played the mission "facility 40andsomething" ( former FE ) ... the interior was a true revelation! - finally a TRUE to scale enviroment - my avatar felt MUCH more fitting in than in the hangarlike interiors of hte older content.

i know there is like no chance to revise all the old bridges ( although its mostly the same mesh with different colouring ) - but maybe new bridges could be made true to the ships scale.

any thoughts on that?
Lol. The bridge for my Klingon war bird is like an olympic temple. Haha. It is kinda funny. But yes, especially the klingon ones. They need to be small. We are going for a submarine warfare idea in the bridge design.