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05-23-2012, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by ThatAnnoyingKitsune
Why can't they use something that's already been used in videogames? If the camera is such a big issue that they need to make the bridges even bigger, couldn't they instead return to this: when the camera would normally bump into a wall or object it would instead pass through it, allowing the environment to be seen through the walls, which are invisible from the outside. If there's a gamebreaker issue of people using this to cheat by looking through the walls to places they're not supposed to, why not add solid black texture barriers separating each room from the next, so that you can only see into the room that you're in?
Simple, in game engines are the possibility of portal rendering - often called "areaportals".
That restrict the renderer to an area of a closed room, so a look through walls shows nothing.
But I also think there other ways to get a good sized bridge without camera angle or NPC walking problems.
To use an automated zoom in/out if the camera collides a wall.
Have seen this also in STO, but is not consistent.

Years ago I played RPG-X an Elite Force modification, they also handle with that kind of problem.
There's no need of oversizing rooms, explicit bridges if theres no NPC walking around or following you.

And I repeat the scale of the Belfast has nearly real ceiling height and no oversized corridors.
There the NPCs has no restriction to walking around in this sized rooms.

Where exactly is the crux of the matter?