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05-23-2012, 08:36 AM
Been having a nightmare on IGE these past few days. IGE is my final bit of tech. Been having troubke getting groups toegther so been pugging it. God, the noobs (well, I say noobs, maybe idiots is more the correct word) I have had that simply won't listen to instructions. You tell them what to do for the boss fight and they still go on with their turrets, security team and shard and aggro they whole lot despite being told not too. Then there are those that agree to be jumpers and the run off as you are going around, instead killing random Borg, which slows you down and causes more respawns.

I'm taking a break from it for 3-4 days I reckon. I've started to become grumpy and moan at these people, which is out of character for me.