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Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
This is something the DEVs should pay attention to.

1) A gas that kills the crew? Really? Who thought of that one? They must not know "jack" about space. In space you are in an airtight ship, how could you die from a gas outside your ship?

2) Escorts outruning torpedos? How can a ship at impulse outrun a weapon moving at low warp? Why are escorts able to fly in reverse faster than some ships moving forward. I didn't see forward facing impulse engine in the ship scimatics.

4) Fighter that have hit point like ship? Why are the Advance versions of fighters that Klingons have now that are as tough as Birds of Prey? Its bad enough that fighters take your attention away from the player but do they have to be as tough as the player?
1) Hmm I know what youíre saying, that does seem a little strange, but then again thinking about it i would say . . that while youíre getting hit by the Plasma torpedos or a plasma cloud (Vent warp plasma) that it may not be the actual cloud killing your crew . . but perhaps console blow outs and eps conduits exploding inside the ship as youíre taking the damage thats killing them ??

2) I havenít really encountered this? so i canít help you here.

4) According to what iíve encountered so far, it seems to me that itís not so much the fighters have the same hit points as large ships . . but instead move so fast that you miss a lot . . sometimes it takes me a while to destroy one . . but then if iím lucky i can kill one with 2 Ė 3 shots with full phasers ??

Originally Posted by DarthRado View Post

2) Source that torpedoes travel at low warp? As far as i know there is exactly one episode in TNG where an outfitted torpedo case was traveling at warp. In addition: Warp 1 is on theory the speed of light. So whatever low warp it is, we shouldn't be able to see/track the torpedo trajectory if what you stated is true.
To further disprove this point. There are many many engagements in Star Trek series and movies where ships were dodging torpedoes.
Photon torpedoes do not have a warp drive, but they do have something called a "sustainer engine" that allows them to keep travelling at warp speed if launched from a starship that is already traveling at warp.