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05-23-2012, 09:13 AM
I find that if I select my targets by using the mouse, the MVAM pieces will target properly, more often than not, while if I target cycle using the keyboard, they won't pick up the new target.

Once I zoom off, they sometimes have a hard time deciding whether or not they're going to follow me, and if so, if they're going to use full impulse to get to me, or just mosey on over at their own pace.

What I think would be a great improvement, is allowing us to control the pieces like carrier pets with a control box. Health status would be helpful too; I know that this had been requested before but game engine limitations were cited as being the reason for not being able to control the pets. They're supposedly deployed differently than carrier pets, so I don't think that many improvements are possible.

A damage output increase would be welcome, though. Currently, I only separate for the turn rate increase