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05-23-2012, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by mmaavvaahh
agreed gloves off, not like premades fly oddys and lockbox ships to beginn with anyways. I m sick n tired of double standards and people holding back. If we want a fun fight, we can agree on rules like it happens before almost every match anyways.

12th fleet deathmatch wasn't to bad and it was clearly marked as gloves off.
99% of my PVPs are with PUGs. And when I go against a premade, they use AMS, GP and the more annoying: lockboxes OP ships.

I use a Science Ship (yes, I am crazy) and I prefer to fight a fleet with AMS than a fleet of PTW ships! At least AMS goes away with Science Team.

So, don’t give me the “we have honor” speech when you use a PTW ship.. worst, a lockbox ship (that make my stomach sick).