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05-23-2012, 02:34 PM
I'll add a few for investigation.

1. Adding sky layers in space causes visible clipping and texture overlap on custom space maps. To replicate, add multiple sky layers and play test.

2. Platform icons cover objects underneath them. I'll call this a bug because these icons were added to make things easier and they've made things much worse. So, they can't be working as intended.

3. The "new" search does not show new missions. This is due to the auto-republishing of missions.

4. Space wander doesn't work.

5. The arrow buttons to expand and collapse side windows of the Foundry do not work.

6. Changing the mission name doesn't save until publishing.

7. When previewing the maps, popup blue bubbles do not work until the "reset" button is hit.

8. Maps reappear after deleting them, after the next restart of the Foundry.

9. npcs shoot through some props and not others. For example, they can't see through an invis wall, but they can see through a building.

10. Many of the objects in the details are not classified properly. There are vases and a bench under buildings. The barge of the dead exterior is under "interior."

11. I don't know what is causing it, but I've been losing the ability to copy and paste, using cntl c and cntl v. It's been acting very strange.

12. Many times if you don't manually click the X on the screen in advanced dialogues that show OOC, MissionInfo options, it will be permanently frozen on the screen, with no way to get rid of it, except for restarting the editor.