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05-23-2012, 01:59 PM
Just curious: is this the first patch of 'proto Season 6' content - or will this stuff (assuming it all goes well on Tribble) be going Live within the next week or so?'


- BRAVO on getting rid of a nearly never done event (there are a couple more thatI'd like to see go this route in all honesty) - and combining like events so that's there's more slots in the day available to have different events (although I'm will never be a fan of content that's time gated in this fashion - I kind of wish you'd have done ALL EVENTS like the new Asteriod one in that, you can do it whenever you want, but during it's timeslot on the Event list, you get a littl EXTRA reward if you do it then.)

- Curious to see the graphics changes.