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Originally Posted by Husanak View Post

this is what we call part of "piloting" your ship.

please new pvp'rs understand what husanak is trying to get through here. changing power levels is a key part of sustainability. a lot of people just dont pay enough attention to eptX cooldowns and things like batteries and how to chain them to fit your build. its key.

also, hull hardening is great for escorts. ive preached that over and over for well ....almost 2 years now. max that go down fighting duration.

have fun kill bad guys

lol ya if you see Horizon flying around with 30% hull stay the heck out of his arc.

The Goomba ship is one of my fav escorts these days because its so easy to put EMTS 1 and EMTW 1 on and not loose anything... I switch back and forth from full shield and full weapon... and rock the 2 EPT skills to keep both my weapon power maxed... and my shield power always over 100.

I use a borg shield (Omega works well as well) something with high regen. Keeping your shield power that high gives you great regen. I still run my engine power at 50... so
100 25 50 25
50 75 50 25
With skills and EPTS its tons of power always on.

EMTS 1 - Aux to Damp
Hazards 1 - TSS 2
Tac Team x 2
Delta 1
Omega 1

Those are my tank skills on my escort. That little goomba ship rarely goes down. Same build would work well on a fleet escort as well.
Beta 1 and Rapid 2 and 3... are the dmg skills. In my opinion its about the perfect escort build. Tons of dmg tons of hull resist... tons of speed resist... tons of kinetic resist... the only thing you really need to think about is rocking the power setting back and forth with the Ept skills.