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05-23-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
It's an escort, you say your familiar with them and yet you need to know what weapons to use and how to layout your weapons and BOFFs?

Tac - Single Target
TT1 > CRF1 > APO1 > APO3
TT1 > CRF1
BO1 or THY1

Tac - Multi Target, use CSV and BFAW or TS1

Tac - Combination, Change one CRF to CSV

I like two Copies of APO, if you prefer APB2 instead of APO1 use it.

3 DHC's and a DBB or Torpedo or another DHC. 3 Turrets in the back. Or 2 Turrets and a Beam Array if your using BO1

If you use four DHC's don't equip a 3rd Tac BOFF, nothing will work there. DHC and DC are interchangable use what ever combo you prefer.

Generally all Escorts need a variation on this.
3 DHC's, 1 Extra fore weapon, 3 Turrets.

TT1 x2 CRF/CSV1 x2, APO at least 1.
Thanks for the help. Well, I wasn't sure what boff abilites to use since it didn't have a Lt. Cmd. slot. thanks