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05-23-2012, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by Flywiz
I think I didn't make it clear by what I wanted to say, sorry about that guys. What I meant to say was they would be special ships, but almost not really, if that makes any sense. Picture this; The Tier 6 ships would not be actual new ships, but rather you can choose an existing ship that would be the Flagship for the fleet. It wouldn't have any special powers, but would just be the official flagship, and would be shown near the starbases, if you kind of get what I mean.
Then that is a "specially designated tier 5" ship, not a new tier in-and-of-itself.

Now, if the fleet shipyard system suddenly allows only the "fleet admiral / founder" to upgrade his personal tier-5 ship to a 4-4-4 console, 4/4 weapons, and multiple Cmdr/Lt Cmdr BOff slotted ship (aka tier 6), then we have a problem (which is what those above me are alluding to)...