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Message from Chris @ Jupiter Broadcasting

After nearly three years STOked is reaching its final transition point. As of late I have been evaluating the the show from many aspects, production costs, return on investment, and future outlooks for the game.

STOked as we know it will end production with episode 126, which will be live Saturday June 2nd, and released for download June 5th 2012.

Big things are still instore for Star Trek Online, and the STOked crew still has ideas and passions they want to share. So we're asking the community:

Would you be intrested in STOked Radio? The ultimate Star Trek Online audio podcast, covering STO much like tradional STOked always has, with some new ideas, and a new season to talk about.

Vote in our poll:

Source Twitter & Jupiter Signal Newsletter

Message from Maverick@Asmick

STOked is reaching an end. Would you be interested in a new show, STOked Radio?
Please cast your vote here at via @GoPollGo.

Thanks to all the many viewers and followers and to the countless submissions, crew members, and community members that helped make STOked possible.