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05-24-2012, 03:58 AM
While we'll still get haters who want to hate and hit on Chris for whatever he does or says, thumbs up to the comments so far. We're all sad about STOked but Chris has given above and beyond for this show and I feel the community needs to give it's support when he needs it the most.

STOked Radio could work for segments like the news and community feedback where visuals aren't necessary and links to visuals or supplemental videos could be inserted and Foundry Files is able to stand alone. Now is the time for the community to share their disappointment but give support and constructive feedback. Clearly you guys want the show ideally to stay as it is, we all do but that's not really going to happen so we're looking at how we can continue contributing but not invest in a time and effort consuming video format.

Who knows Chris may do livestream events like he did during the hiatus just not recorded so for some who can tune in can do and we can have fun but this is about a video recorded podcast. I'm just throwing out suggestions people can think about and either support them or suggest their own.