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05-24-2012, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
The Vulcan science ship is canon for All three Era's
How? I don't recall seeing it in original-run TOS. (Actually, the only "starship" I recall from original-run TOS is the 60's Connie, and I'll re-justify my argument over it's "replacement" later this post).

Granted, if Enterprise (the show) used the VSS, then that can be justiifcation as it being an ENT era representative (and therefore filling the Science slot of the "one early-era ship per class" goal). Which would leave us still needing both a TOS-representative and an Escort...

Now, as to the whole 60's era Connie history that I'm "working around". Way back in the days of Starfleet Command, we heard directly from a Paramount representative their "ship design policy": Even though SFC was based off the TOS-dated Starfleet Battles "alternate universe", Paramount believed/decreed that the TMP era was "more recognizable" and therefore was the "standard" for (at least back then, and nothing has changed to illustrate otherwise) all possible video games. That, and there was an attempt to "match" all starships of a given "era" with every other video game released, the Klingon, Romulan, and Gorn factions were "forced" into using Klingon Academy designs for a portion of their fleets to "promote cross-game ship recognition", and all "new" designs had to match up with those concepts - since there was no small-ship Gorn in KA, the "new" design had to be based off the KA design concepts.

Back to the goal of this request, one representative ship from each "early" show (ENT, TOS, TMP), spread out, like the TNG shows, in each class (Escort, Sci, Cruiser). TMP & Cruiser filled with Excelsior. Your proposal has ENT filling Science with the VSS. That would leave us shoehorning the TMP (as TOS replacement) Connie into the Escort slot. While a (to me, personally, accepted only grudgingly) compromise, it just doesn't "feel" right. Especially since we still have the "Akira-prise" NX design as an option from ENT. IIRC, the Akira was "conceived" to be a TNG saucer-nacelle based "warship" (aka Escort role) for use in Borg/Dominion battles. Especially at ENT dimensions, it's much closer to the "current" escort sizes than any other not already an escort "canon" ship (outside of TMP's Miranda and Oberth). Connie Retro as Science fits the TOS "multi-role" vessel's design better than shoehorning it as a warship. Push comes to shove, using the "original" TNG Akira parts in an NX configuration (ie, flip the nacelles from being "above" the saucer's plan to "below" it) would (again, to me at least) be a "barely" acceptable compromise to getting the NX into end-game STO. Accepting the Excelsior as the "purposely designed for TMP era 'star'", since Connie-refit was specifically designed as an update to a 60's ship, we "finally" get an end-game worthy "star" ship from each series.

Yes, I want to be able to have my crews dress in "era appropriate" clothing flying an "era appropriate" ship. My (soon to be created) Tac could wear Archer's uniforms in an Akira, S'Leth could "trade" over to TOS unis in a Science Connie, and Julin would grab the Kahn unis for his Excelsior, while the TNG fans are tooling around in TNG/DS9/Voy (which is a reprise of TNG-movie and DS9 unis anyway) uniforms and ships. Perfect for all fans of whatever canon show they prefer...