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05-24-2012, 07:24 AM
You put forward a good argument, however I can tell you now that it will come to nothing. CBS have unfortunately already said no to us ever having a higher tier Constitution class starship. No matter how logical your argument is, it won't happen. You can say that the D'Kyr is a hundred years OLDER than the Original Series Constitution but it just gets brushed aside (because it's more "modern" looking). I agree with what your saying, I've got the Excelsior and love it but would far prefer a TMP Connie with the gatling phaser banks... merge it with the seeking photon torp module from the Exeter and B'Rel retrofit could have some real fun PvP "lock on that explosion and fire!"

EDIT: If there were ever a higher tier Connie though, I would propose that the Gatling phaser bank perhaps be the "+1" module, like the retro phasers from the TOS Connie. Also could put it down as Tier 4 instead of Tier 5. Therefore it matches canon by not being quite so powerful as the Excelsior which was cutting edge at the time.