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05-24-2012, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by AsianGForce View Post
Yeah, I have the new Odyssey Star Cruiser, but I always hop in my Star Cruiser. I don't know why but I feel like she turns and handles better. Odyssey Star Cruiser is my STF ship, Star is my mission and all around fun ship. I think once you hit VA you can really just do whatever, I roll around in my Tier 1 and 3 ships all the time, helping new people run missions. I find its a lot more fun running around in lower tier ships. ^.^

In short, don't worry just do whatever. Just have fun. Also Dreadnought is an awesome ship, few of my fleet mates only run it. They are obsessed with the damn thing.
There's a very good Reason your Star Cruiser feels like it turns and handles better than the Odyssey. It does infact handle better than the Odyssey.

Star Cruiser has a Base turn of 7
Odyssey has a Base turn of 6

RCS (Blue, Mk XI) is an Increase of 35%. 7 becomes 9.45, 6 becomes 8.1. Although it's much more complicated than that taking in account speed and engine power.