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05-24-2012, 10:49 AM
Mission Title: Contamination
Author: Evil70th
Project ID: ST-HOM98JB5K
Allegiance: Federation
Level: 16+
Description: The Federation Science Directorate has a rogue scientist on its hands. Doctor Klausen, of the Gavin IV Anthropological Study, has decided to interfere in the pre-warp culture on the planet and must be stopped. Admiral Quinn has recommended you to help Doctor Joanne Marbles, Director of Anthropology, Federation Science Directorate, in resolving this incident. Will you help the Federation repair the damage to this culture?

Authors Notes: This mission is heavy on story dialog with a “Skip Dialog” option that gives you a summary of the information. Oh and I think I avoided using “Continue” as a response button throughout.

There is only one task based ground combat on one map and a lot of optional ground combat on the other maps. I’ve tried to give the player the option of taking the more covert path to avoid engagements, but both paths are available on most of the maps. The time estimates below are based on avoiding the optional combat so if you choose that path it will add time to the overall length of the mission.

Estimated length:
60 - 90 minutes with full dialog.
30 - 45 with "Skip Dialog" option.

I have made some improvements based on feedback from players and other authors. It has crossed the 100 mark and I've received many tips as well.