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05-24-2012, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
I only have to say that DKnight is right here. I never could take out a good cruiser in my escort, or a good sci ship. On the otherhand they couldn't kill me either.
I also can say that i'm an above average PVP player and that i have no problem destroying 90% of all cruisers or sci ships in PVP matches.

that leaves only one conclusion: 90% of all cruiser captains have wrong abilities or use it not right. The 10%that know what they are doing usually don't play alone, they have a team around do I.

The result is: A more or less balanced PVP team match that ends 13-15, not allways for my team.

I consider that a balanced game, since both teams were good, but in the end some mistakes or superior focus at the right moment made all the difference.

Ofcourse, if there is one player on a team that is weak...the other team will target him once he spawns and the game ends 0-15. And in my opinion thats the imbalance in this game.

To alexin_cobra i can only suggest to fly an escort and see for himself (but don't make a built by one), if he actually does we will see many posts from him in the future how overpowered X-shipclass is. Basically everything he writes is an incorrect assumption based on his failure to outtank an escort.
trying to convince him with facts and reasoning is wasted time anyway. he is convinced that he is right, let him.
Rauidi is just a D A who want to call everybody wrong. He doesn't even like to read, just looking at picture and assuming he has all the answers.