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05-24-2012, 03:40 PM
Raudl I may be misinterrupting you so apologies if I'm wrong.

But the Quality does not effect the damage of a weapon unless the modifiers are [Dmg].

White Mk X
Green Mk X [Acc]
Blue Mk X [Acc] [CritD]
Purple Mk X [Acc]x2 [CritD]

All do the same base damage although the higher [Acc] on the Purple one will result in more hits and crits and thus a higher overall damage. Base Damage only goes up with marks not quality.
you are right! I looked it up. It only has 1 modifier [CritH] so its basically a green quality

But do those even scale to mk XI? or do those stop at MK X? I think they stop at MK X