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05-24-2012, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by ArdrianDareau
To clarify some, as it's buried in my posts somewhat:

The "problem" is that all TNG fans, in "end-game", have a viable ship/uniform combination that is 100% "canon" for the show. TMP fans also have a 100% viable Tier 5 Excelsior to go with their Kahn uniforms. However, TOS and ENT have no tier 5 "canon" ship that fits their uniforms.
Ahhh. I see the problem now. The problem is that you think a 300 yearold ship design should be as good as a modern one. What you need to understand is that this is an unreasonable thing to want, because it destroys believability. A NX style ship that's as tough as Bortasqu battleships in pvp and borg cubes in STFs is a stupid thing to put into the game. You should give up your desires to have stupid things in game that would exist purely to satisfy you, which would otherwise ruin the game.

Originally Posted by ArdrianDareau
Yeah, we do have Tier 1/2 ships that "work" for RP and mission PvE, but taking a Connie Refit that "matches" TOS unis into an STF is grounds to be (minimally) laughed out of the game, if not reported for "griefing".
As you should be.