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05-24-2012, 06:56 PM
Rauidi is just a D A who want to call everybody wrong. He doesn't even like to read, just looking at picture and assuming he has all the answers.
not everybody, only those who are wrong. and sadly thats mostly you. I don't have all the answers, but i try to find them. If i don't know stuff i read about it or try it out myself. I suggest you do the same. Further more it seems that you never support your statements with facts, numbers, pics, etc...all you present in your postings are assumptions and wrong conclusions. When presented with facts that contradict your opinion you ignore them. Atleast if you have different opinions show some facts to support it, but ofcourse you can't do that, because they exist only in your head.

take only this thread as example: Nobody really understands your complains, because they are just randomely thrown around without any solid evidence.
most people try to explain to you the points where you are wrong, and you don't agnolish their reasoning.
They tell you of their experiance in PVP, PVE...which mostly contradicts yours, and you refuse to accept that maybe you made a mistake or misinterpreted something.
The forums are for exchange an evaluation of game experiance and share opinions, but if my experiance and opinions contradict a 100% of the rest of the community, a reevaluation is in order.
If 99% say, a single escort can't kill a cruiser with equal skills of the players, then maybe that is the truth. And i'm among the 1% that are wrong.

PS: atleast get the name right when calling me names...