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05-24-2012, 10:19 PM
Actually, I found that the Wiki's Standard Phaser Array damage tables come "closer" to what I'm getting as in-game stats for the Retrofit arrays that I scarfed off of the Tier 1 C-store Connies and tossed on my Gal-X while I'm working on a full set of [Borg] arrays...

As I stand in Quark's bar and look up my ship equipment page:

Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg] = 215 damage (172 DPS)
Retrofit Forward Phaser Bank [CrtH] = 205 damage (164 DPS)

Wiki chart I'm referencing has the Mk XI at 210 damage, Mk X at 200. Since neither beam has a [Dam] modifier, they should both be working on "base" stats. If my skills (or the Gal-X) are giving me a +5 damage boost, than this confirms that the Retrofit banks top off at Mk X. Passable while seeking out decent Mk XI or XII gear...

Also remember that there's the scaling blue beams off the C-store Connie, and a "marked" retrofit bank from a mission reward (one of the Devidian series, IIRC). Seems to me that they use slightly different damage tables, as the Wiki has "fixed" Mk XIs doing less damage than mine are doing.