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05-24-2012, 11:30 PM
Actual audio on boff power activation would be nice. Something like in Bridge Commander as abovesaid.

But then in most fleets, Teamspeak is used so I like to do approximations of BC bridge officer chatter which definitely adds to the atmosphere.

In lieu of actual randomized ship bridge and intercom chatter we can easily do our own and probably do better than most 'canned' voice acting too.

"Sweeping through phaser arcs" etc.

I am also capable of typing at an insanely fast rate without compromising combat performance, so that's where my 'ship to ship' roleplay comes from, when voice comms isn't used for scenarios like PUGs.

What I also like to do (borrowing an immersion trick from 'serious' spaceflight sims like Orbiter) is put up an mp3 track with radio intercepts in it. Doesn't matter if its ATC, ship, NASA or even police scanner, they work just as well as 'mood music' to me.

I use the police scanner stuff for ground STFs - we tend to use a lot of code language as 'verbal shorthand' for STF coordination anyway.