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05-24-2012, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by tyrelli
Question says it all, what's better ? The MKXII stuff or things that scale .. Ferengi rockets blue phasers ect
a blue weapon that doesn't scale with a mk number will have two special ablties , either ACC, CRTH, CRTD or DMG improving the type of damage a weapon does or its chance to hit, a purple weaon will have three of them and a green only one

a blue scaling weapon with the infinity sign, will have one of those abilities and the other will be the fact that the weapon grows "with you"...

so if you are only able to use mk VII weapons and you have a blue Mk VII and a scaing weapon fthe same type, the Mk weapon will typically do more damage; the blue scaling weapon is functionally a "green" weapon with "scaling"

but you will have to replace the weapon blue mk VII as you increase level.... so it "costs more" in terms of resources in game

as a rule typically i try and use "leveling" weapons up to level cap and then switch to Mk'd weapons later in game as increase difficulty settings or for STF or PVP