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05-25-2012, 04:21 AM
You can put up some pretty sick numbers and help your team with something like this...

Tac Oddy

Com Engy - EPTW1 EPTS1 ET 3 (with doffs) Extends 3
Lt com engy EPTW! EPTS2 Aux2Sif 2
Ens tac - FAW1
Lt Tac - FAW1 Beta 1
Ens sci - Haz 1 TS 1

you can swap out the haz for a sci team if needed, must have 2 purple maint engy doffs,

You could also roll an excelsior with FAW 1 FAW2 Beta 2

Maybe 2 hazards for running STFs

If you need a diaper you can swap out an RSP for the Aux2sif