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05-25-2012, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01
Played CSE earlier, and had one of those experiences where one bad player ruined it for everyone.
Okay - there was myself, using my MVAE, two Galaxy classes (one using Borg everything – visuals enabled), another MVAE and an Odyssey. It started well, with someone saying "Hi" and receiving a few replies - which, I feel, is usually a good sign.

All started fine - those of us communicating agreed to the usual tactic of dealing with the generator spheres first and then the cubes, with one person defending the Kang and a second person providing backup Kang protection if required.

All went to plan initially - generator spheres on first two cubes were taken out, the Kang didn't drop below 96% and, aside from Borg-Galaxy going boom fairly often, it looked as if we were not only going to complete the mission, but we were going to get the optional too.

The person who greeted us at the beginning gave a reminder to leave the cubes alone until all sphere-generators dealt with so we mopped up the BOPs and made our way over to the final cube that still had sphere-generators. However, the aforementioned Borg-Galaxy wasn't with the group - I initially assumed he was awaiting respawn, as he wasn't near the Kang and there wasn't, at that moment, anything heading toward it.

However, it transpired that Borg-Galaxy wasn't awaiting respawn - he'd made his way toward cube 2 and started firing at it. No amount of shouting "SPHERES FIRST - LEAVE THE CUBE ALONE FOR NOW" made him stop and cube 2 went bang. The rest of us immediately turned our attention to the ships that had, obviously, spawned and to our credit managed to deal with most of them , all the time continuing attempts to get Borg-Galaxy’s attention. In the meantime the timer ticked down to zero, so that was the optional gone, and we were in pretty bad shape from defending the Kang – we’d all thrown heals etc at it and it goes without saying that if you’re throwing everything into healing the Kang, you’ve little left to use to heal yourself.

Then cube 1 went boom, again courtesy of Borg-Galaxy (can't help but wonder why he didn't stop to think why no-one else was shooting them at the very least).

Anyway, as mentioned, we hadn’t managed to kill all of cube 3’s spheres, so that was still vomiting BOP’s, and we had another swarm of premature cube-kill raptors/Negh’vars to contend with. We certainly gave it a good shot (aside from Borg-Galaxy – the best he did was explode too close to a Raptor) but despite our persistence the mission, with help from the stupid respawn timer increase, went Kobiyashi Maru and Borg-Galaxy vanished mere seconds after the dreaded red text of fail appeared.
Unfortunately their are some people in STFS who do not listen to team/fleetmates and just shoot at everything and have chat minimized and disabled voice chat which often results in the loss of the mission or optional if not both and a lot of pugs have poorly equipped ships. Many of the players in PUGS have never teamed with people before and decide to instantly go into Elites without playing Normal's first