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# 1 Argus Array Sabotage Daily
05-25-2012, 04:55 AM

I am proud to announce I have published my first KDF mission. It is just a quick daily mission
utilizing the Argus Array from my Spawn of Medusa series, but it is quick and is a lot of fun (in my humble opinion). It is the "mirror" to my Federation "Argus Array Repair Daily" mission. Great to add into your Officer Reports daily Queue.

Title: Argus Array Sabotage Daily
Author: Duke-of-Rock

Faction: Klingon
Level: Any level

"The Empire has given you the mission to sabotage one of Starfleets most prized technological possessions. You are ordered to defeat any defense and beam aboard the maintenance core of the Array and sabotage it. Victory to the Empire!"

I hope you give it a try. Qapla!